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      Coming back, dropped low, Jeff scanned the beach.It seemed almost a wrong and insult to be carrying deadly arms in the presence of such a woman, and Si and Shorty let their guns slip down, as if they were rather ashamed of them.

      The newcomer tied his horse to a sapling and strode into the house. The guerrillas seemed rather more fearful than otherwise to see him, but met him with manners that were ranged from respectful by Jeff Hackberry to absolute servility by the others. He was a burly, black-bearded man, wearing a fairly-good uniform of a rebel Captain. His face showed that he was a bully, and a cruel one.

      "Groundhog," said Si resolutely, "you're not goin' back to camp; you're not goin' to wait till it stops rainin'. You're goin' right over now, as sure as my name's Si Klegg, or I'll break every bone in your karkiss."

      "That reminds me," said Si; "we hain't licked the Wagonmaster yit for throwin' cartridges down our chimbley."

      I located and rented this crate we flew here in, he went on. I played joy-ride pilot by day at the airport and hopped here of nights. But I couldnt get a line on anything. I didnt notice that chewing gum until you, Dick, Larry and Sandyall of youstarted your third degree and showed it to me. But I did thinkif anybody was playing ghost here, they might be planning to use the old amphibian for somethingmaybe to get away to get away with the emeralds if they could get hold of themin case anybody thought the yacht was due to lay up here.


      Shorty made the Spring air yellow with profanity116 until he saw Si ride away from his gun toward the other horse. When the latter saw his mate, with a rider, coming toward him he gave a whinney and dashed forward. In an instant Si had hold of his bridle and was turning back. His face was bright with triumph. Shorty stopped in the middle of a soul-curdling oath and yelled delightedly:


      17They pushed forward with more spirit now. They came to insignificant brooks which were now raging torrents, through which they waded waist deep, first placing their treasured ammunition on their shoulders or heads.